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WHAT? HOW? & WHY? about UPI- Unified Payment Interface

Unified Payment Interface (UPI) is a single platform which provides different banking services and features. If your bank is UPI enabled, you can create a UPI ID which can be used for making transactions. A transaction can be made usingĀ  Aadhaar number, Mobile number, and Virtual Payment Address (UPI ID).
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How does Payment Gateway charge?

When you choose a payment gateway service provider from payment processor likes Paypal or Paytm, the payment gateway is provided free of cost, which means that the code for payment gateway is provided for free and the code needs to be blended into your website.

Why your Refunds take time?

Initiating refund is a complicated process as the information exchange takes place between 4-5 different parties and there are many such refund requests raised, thus it takes 5-10 days for the return to reflect into customers account. Sometimes it can take more than 10 days if the return request get…
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