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How To Choose The Best Payment Solution For Your Company?

        Back then, when we only used cash to pay, there was no question about it.
There are now so many
payment solutions that it is difficult to
determine which
payment method to choose. Do I take an ATM, and does it
have to be mobile? Do I accept credit cards or not? Do I want to offer

Those are good questions, but there are two important questions to ask
yourself first:

Which payment method do my customers want to use?

Which payment solution suits my company best?

Which Payment Method Do My Customers Want To Use?

Today, customers find it increasingly important to be able to pay the way
they want. In addition, the elderly often prefer to stick with the old, and
young consumers opt for the new. For older customers, you probably don’t need
to come up with innovations. If your target group consists of younger
customers, it can actually help to show that you are moving with the times and
therefore also offer contactless payment.

Which Payment Solution Suits My Company Best?

Which payment method best suits your company is also important.
There are now stores that no longer accept cash payments at all. They
have no cash in-house that needs to be counted and managed. They have thought
carefully about what they want. And robbers might as well stay at home because
there is nothing for them to get anyway.

If You Withhold Reservations Or Deposit

If you ask customers for a deposit, for example, if you rent bicycles,
holiday homes, or cars, it is easy to accept credit cards. Your customer does
not have to bring cash as a deposit or does not have to pay the deposit by
card. With the credit card, the deposit is easily reserved and only booked when
the customer wants to pay.

Hotels can secure reservations by asking for a credit card payment,
so you run less risk if the customer cancels at the last minute. You will not
be left with empty rooms and empty hands.

If You Sell Online

Clothing stores, shoe stores, travel agencies, and hotels, but also Ebook
sellers and event organizers: everything is online these days. These companies
can no longer do without the option of accepting electronic payments.
Research shows that online payment has become the standard, especially
in industries such as travel. Clothing stores and other branches will follow

Pay At The Counter Or At The Table?

If you want customers to only be able to pay at the counter, a fixed
terminal will suffice. You can’t lose these and they always stay charged. It is
also possible that you have a restaurant where you want to help the customers
at the table. Then take a mobile terminal, or make sure you can accept M-Pos
payments (such as a mobile payment terminal, but with a regular tablet
or smartphone). Your employees can then help customers everywhere in your
restaurant or store and pay quickly.

Accept Online And Offline Payments

Do you want to be able to process payments in both your store and
your webshop? You must also integrate a payment gateway onto your
website so that you can accept payments from your website in addition to
payment terminals. It is easy to arrange this through one supplier of payment

Looking forward to the Payment Gateway work and its usefulness Digital Payment Guru helps you to identify the Best Payment Gateway for your business.

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3 Things You Should Know While Using A Payment Gateway For your business?

As we all know the importance of an Online Payment Gateway is that customers get security – if they don’t receive the order, they can reverse the payment. Many credit card companies provide insurance for several days when you pay online.

 With a payment system, you let visitors pay via your website without having to build an entire webshop. The visitor comes to your site, pays and you have the money in your account. But how do you choose a good payment gateway? What conditions must this meet?

Digital Payment Guru helps you to resolve such problems. It will help you to know what is Online Payment System. why it is important? which Payment Gateway you should use? and many more. And as per your requirements, Digital Payment Guru will provide a Payment Gateway Integration Service to you.

If you want to sell services or products through your website, you need a payment gateway. There are many options to choose from, but how do you know which is the best option? When choosing a payment gateway for your website, you run into the following issues:

⦁              It is often complicated to set up and implement;

⦁              You need multiple systems;

⦁              The monthly costs are high in most cases;

⦁              Or you pay a percentage per payment.

Here, we will explain what is important when choosing a payment gateway, why you need a payment gateway, and which payment gateway is best for your website. you’ll know exactly what you need to let

customers make payments through your website.

When Choosing A Payment Gateway :

It is important to know when to choose a payment gateway for your business. When choosing a payment gateway, the convenience of the customers is therefore very important, but of course, your convenience is also a major factor in the choice. As an owner, you want a payment gateway that can be trusted, is user-friendly, and calculates low costs or rather no costs at all.

You can trust Digital Payment Guru. They will help you to identify the best payment gateway for your business. And also help you with the integration services. The payment gateways are trustworthy.

Why You Need A Payment Gateway:

If you want to sell online, and therefore want to process online payments through your website, you cannot avoid the need for a payment gateway. Many people think that the only option is a webshop to sell online, but this is certainly not the case. You can also use a payment page instead of a webshop.

First of all, let’s take a look at the different Advantages and Disadvantages of both payment systems.

Online store:

  • perfect for when you want to sell many different products online
  • a huge variety of choices from webshop systems
  • recognizable and reliable for customers
  • less suitable for 1 or several products
  • a lot of technical red tape
  • checkout consisting of several pages (= poorer conversion)

Payment page:

  • suitable for 1 or several products
  • integration in your website or to be used separately
  • One-page checkout better conversion than a webshop
  • less suitable for many different products

Which Payment Gateway Is Best For Your Website :

Many payment gateways can help you and can meet your requirement. But we can’t use all those payment gateways for your Business. So, Let you know the best payment gateway for your Business:

Paypal :

PayPal provides safer, faster, and easier checkouts whether you are in India or around the world. PayPal has accepted over 200 markets and 250 million customers.


Atom Technologies offers a bunch of payment processing services in a user-friendly manner with convenience, speed, and security over mobile.


Give your customers the choice to pay via any mode:

Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Netbanking, Wallets, and UPI without any additional cost to your business. Multi-Channel Payment Gateway for India – SMS, Email, Whatsapp, Facebook, Website & more.


Paytm offers mobile solutions to over 7 million merchants. The consumer can make mobile payments from cards, Bank accounts, and digital cards among others.


PayU provides payment methods that can be integrated into web and mobile applications.


Razorpay allows businesses to accept, process, and disburse payments with its product suite. Manage your marketplace, automate NEFT/RTGS/IMPS bank transfers, collect recurring payments, and share invoices with customers – all from a single platform.

Cashfree Payments :

Cashfree Payments is a powerful and scalable payments platform built to meet the payment demands of 1,00,000+ growing businesses in India and throughout the world, such as collecting payments, sending payouts, managing foreign payments, and more.

Payoneer :

Payoneer offers fast, flexible, secure, and low-cost solutions that enable millions of businesses and professionals from over 200 countries and territories to connect and expand globally via their cross-border payments platform.

The list above shows the best payment gateway. Curious about which payment gateway for your Business is available? View all payment gateway for your Business. Let Digital Payment Guru about your company and they will easily make a pre-selection. You can then easily create a personal top three. Compare the online payment gateways with each other and find the best payment gateway for you.

Looking forward to the Payment Gateway work and its usefulness Digital Payment Guru helps you to identify the Best Payment Gateway for your business.

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What You Need To Know: Payment Methods On The Internet

Payment should be easy for everyone, be it cash or electronic payment. But that is not obvious. A large group of people has difficulty with this. Think of some elderly, deaf, blind, low-literate people or people with a physical disability. It is important that they can also arrange their daily payment and banking affairs independently. And that they have as much choice as possible about how they pay. What does DNB do for accessible payment transactions?

Shopping on the Internet enjoys general popularity, above all because it is possible to shop at any hour and potential customers have the greatest possible choice.

Not only with products but also with the various payment options.

In our blog article, we go into the advantages and disadvantages of the respective payment methods.

Due to the various payment providers, paying for online shopping is very convenient.

Many online shops prefer to pay in advance because the customer has already paid for the product before it is even shipped.             

Purchase On An Invoice :

From the point of view of your customers, purchasing on the account is one of the safest payment options.

The advantage: Customers first receive the goods and only then have to pay.

The same applies to returns. In the end, you only have to pay for what the buyer wants to keep.

Pay By Direct Debit :

With this payment method, the retailer has the account details and the consent of the customer, so that money can be debited from the account.

This is how online shops get their money quickly and customers can look forward to fast delivery, especially in large shops.

The advantage for customers is that the payment can be reversed within eight weeks if something goes wrong or the product is disappointing.

Shop Online With A Credit Card :

There are many countries where paying by credit card is much more popular.

Likewise, products in the B2B sector are often paid for by credit card.

After entering the credit card details, the payment can be made directly, which is a great advantage for online shops.

As with most other payment options, customers can use the so-called chargeback procedure to reclaim the amount already paid for credit card payments if there are problems with the product or shop.

The Advance Payment :

Every company is interested in the fact that payment by customers causes as few costs as possible – especially for smaller companies it is immensely important to keep costs as low as possible.

This is a way to reduce complications with late customers and thus prevent payment difficulties.

That is why prepayment is very popular with small online shops. With this payment method, the invoice amount is on the account before the goods are shipped.

In addition, many fake shops only offer this payment method. Therefore, offer different payment options so that your customers can choose the payment method that suits them best.

The Installment :

Buying in installments corresponds to modern buying behavior: Take it with you immediately, pay later – online shoppers no longer want to save for a large product for a long time. The solution: installment payments.

Customers want flexibility. This is why the financing option is particularly useful for higher-priced products.

Looking forward to the Payment Gateway work and its usefulness Digital Payment Guru helps you to identify the Best Payment Gateway for your business.

Looking forward to the Payment Gateway work and its usefulness Digital
Payment Guru
helps you to identify the Best Payment Gateway for your

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How Payment Gateway Is Useful In Electronic Stores And How does it Work?

Surely you have had experience as a customer of electronics
, on various occasions, and now that you own one of these stores, you
are wondering how you can improve your customers’ experience on your site.

A satisfied customer is a safe customer for future visits and purchases,
a value of expanding through social networks or word of mouth.

When a customer walks into a store, they expect to find one
intuitive navigation of the site, a clear design that does not lead to
confusion, options and other direct or indirect tools that encourage them to
stay on your page and even come back .

If your store is a safe place, with good navigation and accessories that
help your customer in their decision about the products and ultimately their purchase,
then you should not miss the star service that is undoubtedly the payment

 Digital Payment Guru is a
platform which helps you with the Integration Service of Payment
. Digitial Guru Provides top payment gateways like PayPal,
Paytm, PayU, Instamojo & Atom
at best market rates.

What is the payment gateway?

Payment gateway is a service implemented in electronic stores, to make it easier for
customers to pay. Relying on the payment gateway you use in your store,
you will get better or more inadequate knowledge for your customers when it
comes to paying.

When it comes to payment, you do not want the quality to drop. It
makes no sense to have the best design or most desired products, if when your customer
wants to pay for their cart contents, everything gets complicated with what
can`t or do not know the method to pay.

Taking the experience of hundreds of e-shop customers when paying,
we get a series of tips and recommendations that will make your store the ideal
place to make payment, avoiding the mistakes other sites make by using
the not understand customer.

How a payment gateway works is quite simple:

When the customer completes the purchase and proceeds to payment,
he uses a debit or credit card number and enters his details in the space
requested by the platform.

The customer’s browser encrypts the data to send it to the store where he
purchased. What encryption does is transmit the protected data so that it cannot
be “hidden” and read by third parties. The SSL or TLS Secure Socket
Layer or Transport Layer Security system is used to encrypt the data.

Now the customer’s data is entered into the store’s payment platform,
which is also encrypted and secure.

The payment platform contacts the vendor banking platform and gives
you the customer’s card details.

The bank in turn forwards the information to the customer’s target
platform to verify that the data is correct and to carry out the authorization.

The customer’s bank verifies the details and if they are correct, sends the
authorization to the seller’s bank along with an approved message. For example,
if the customer’s bank does not approve the operation, it also sends a message
with the cause “lack of money” or “connection not

While it may seem like a complicated operation at first glance, it only
takes a few seconds for all platforms to communicate and give the customers
bank a message approving or rejecting the operation.

Looking forward to the Payment Gateway work and its usefulness Digital Payment Guru helps you to identify the Best Payment Gateway for your business.