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How Online Payment prevent the spread of coronavirus?

We all are aware now that the coronavirus does not spread through Chinese food or Alcohol Beverage, importing goodies from china and more, but one thing we are not aware of is the risk of getting infected through currency note exchange.

Since India has shot up to 110 cases of Coronavirus, the government has issued several measures to keep people safe.

What is Corona Virus?

corona virus

Coronaviruses are a wide family of viruses, according to WHO, that trigger disease ranging from the common cold to more serious diseases including Middle East Respiratory Syndrome and Extreme Acute Respiratory Syndrome. 

A novel coronavirus is a modern 

strain not previously found in humans.

What Causes Coronavirus?

coronavirus causes

WHO is not sure about the cause of coronavirus. For now, doctors and medical experts have reported that respiratory droplets produced when a person already infected by coronavirus coughs or sneezes.

A recent article by Economic Times states that exchanging cash could be risky for people as the virus is spreading fast. In India, cash is still the primary mode of payment. For all the small payments in the market, restaurants for traveling we prefer cash payment.

Cashless Payment prevents the spread of Coronavirus.

Currency notes are easily transmittable disease carriers. 

Indeed, the 2016 International Review of Scientific Research reported that over 58 percent of banknotes bore pathogenic disease- agents. 

So, how are you making payments? Go ahead! It is safer to use digital wallets in moments like these to carry out all of your purchases.

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How Digital Payment can help you in the Corona Virus outbreak?

Qr Code Payment

All the grocery stores, instead of taking cash you can put the QR Code on the cash counter which can be scanned by your customers to make payment. All you have to do is, Download a UPI payment app like Google Pay, PhonePe, BHIM, Paytm and print your QR code and stick it on the cash counter. The payment is done in seconds and reflects immediately in your bank account.

Card Payment


online payment

For years now we have used credit cards and debit cards to make an online payment. A good enough substitute for cash, cards are a good idea if you’re running a company that needs a huge customer payment.

Payment Gateway

payment gateway integration

Using a Payment Gateway can be helpful as you can accept huge payments from your customers online. All you have to do is sign up with a payment gateway, update your bank details and start using the payment gateway. You can accept payment by add payment button on your website or sending the payment link to customers, they can click on the link and make payment using the desired payment method like debit card, credit card, NEFT, UPI and more. With a Payment gateway, you can accept payments anytime anywhere.

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You can accept payment from your customer into the e-wallet, payment apps like Paytm, Amazon provides e-wallet feature. This money cannot be transferred into a bank account but can be used to make bill payments.

What the RBI needs you to do to prevent the disease from spreading:

When you are visiting an ATM to withdraw cash, make sure to wipe the keypad with a tissue before and after using it. Do not reach an ATM when it is busy and if hand sanitizer is available, apply it after handling the cash.

Note, don’t panic, don’t touch your face and, most importantly, start collecting payments online –it could save your life!

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