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How to Build Online Business without a Website?

Planning to start a new online business, but do not want to go through the hefty process of website building?

We are here to solve this problem, there is no need for a website to start an online business.

Back in the old days, when internet access involved a dialup connection, there was no other choice for companies but to sell their products and services through the traditional method–a website. 

If you wanted to have a successful online company, there was a time when you had to have a website. You either had to employ a developer, designer, and marketing specialist to get your website into the business model or learn the truth yourself to make money.

Is the website really necessary for Online Business?

Not really, you can start your business without a website by sharing your digital catalog on social media and WhatsApp. This is a budget-friendly way of marketing your business. Also, you can save the cost involved in creating a website for which you hire a website developer, hosting domain and apart from that yearly renewal of the domain. 

When you plan to create a new website for your business, you will come across several terms like domain name, hiring a website developer and yearly renewal, maintenance of website and so on which increases the hassle and cost of creating the website. Many businesses quit before setting up the base. There are other alternatives to a website.

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How to start your online business without a website?

There are two ways to start an online business without a website:

  1. Online Store.
  2. Page Builder.

Online Store: 

online store

The online store provides the company with a one-stop e-commerce store to sell its products and services. On the online store, you can sell any number of products. Simply register and start adding the items to the store.

Online Store allows you to create a free web store with built-in payment options and a shopping cart in minutes to help customers buy multiple items in one go. Check out the online store features of Digital Payment Guru. Payments and shopping cart are included in your online store. To grow your company, you also get data-driven insights and a rich app store.

An online store is unlike a website, it doesn’t require you to hire a developer, a yearly renewal and maintenance.

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Page Builder:


page builder

Using Page builder, you can create a quick one-page website for your customers to scan before redirecting them to a payment link or online store. Customize and layout your website using our gallery Download photos, add pay buttons and upload videos You can watch the short tutorial here to understand the process of making a page creator.

You don’t need a full-fledged website to begin your online business. In two steps, with one of our tools, you can start your business and start selling.

When you start a business without a website, it’s good for your brand. You can consider creating a website once you bring in the followers, the revenue, generate sales and get the word of mouth to go smoothly.

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