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How does Payment Gateway charge?

If you are having an online business or planning to start an online business, payment gateway is something which you will definitely need for accepting online payments. But when it comes to the payment gateway or any service integration, one question that comes in our mind is ‘What are the FEES?’.

Well, no service comes for free nor does payment gateway, so how do they actually charge?

When you choose a payment gateway service provider from payment processor likes Paypal or Paytm, the payment gateway is provided free of cost, which means that the code for payment gateway is provided for free and the code needs to be blended into your website. These payment gateway processors do not provide integration service, you need to get the payment gateway blended into your website with the help of your website developer.

Usually, Payment Gateway has its own set of fees,

  • Setup Fee: It is a one-time fee charged by the provider for setting up the payment gateway account and integrating the payment gateway with your website.
  • Annual Fees: The payment gateway can charge you annually for the plugins, features, and support that it offers.
  • Transaction cost: The payment gateway can charge you for every transaction that your customer makes. The charges are a certain percentage of every transaction plus a fixed amount.

Some payment processors do provide integration service at a cost, If you are looking for payment gateway, You must have come across a term “One time setup cost” which in simple words means payment gateway integration charge, wherein the payment processor not just provides you with payment gateway but also blends it with your websites making it ready for payment acceptance.

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If it is for free then how does payment gateway providers get paid?

So once the payment gateway integration into your website is completed and your website is ready to accept online payment, this is when the payment gateway providers start getting paid. Payment gateway charges you a certain percentage (1.5%-3.5%)  on every transaction that your customer makes. The charges differ for a mode of payment like Debit/Credit card, UPI or NetBanking and more. Following are some charges from reputed payment gateways.


PayPal – 2.5%* + Fixed fee (INR 3)

Paytm-  1.75% + GST

Instamojo-  2% + Rs 3 fixed

PayU-  2% + GST


How is Digital Payment Guru different from others?

Digital Payment Guru is payment Gateway integrator providing integration service for different types of business that want to start accepting payments online. What makes

Discounted  Rates:

Digital payment guru provides the payment gateway service at cheapest rates compared to that available in the market.

Variety of Payment Gateway:

 Find different payment gateways at one place, compare the rates and select the one that suits your business.

Customized Payment Gateways:

We provide customized payment gateway which can be tailored according to your website and need.


 Our team of experts having years of experience with payment gateway integration can help you choose the best payment gateway which is suitable for your business.

Integration service:

Unlike other payment gateway service providers, Digital payment guru offers the integration service at the best rates which is a one-time cost with customer support.

Website Audit:

We conduct an entire website audit for you to ensure that the payment gateway works properly and also to find any errors in existing functionalities which can be resolved.