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Payment Gateway features you can use to grow your business.

If you are running a business and think of growing it, payment gateway is something you should definitely think of. Payment Gateway Integration is very much beneficial for businesses now a days as it has certain features than can help you grow your business. In this blog lets discuss about these features and how it can benefit you.

  1. Recurring Payments: recurring paymentsThe most hectic task for any business is to collect repeated payments. Recurring Payments feature helps you manage repeated payments easily. You can ask your customers to subscripe to recurring payments. Once setup, you don’t need to send payment reminders to your customers, the amount will be deducted from customers account on fixed date every month and transfers to your account automatically.

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  1. International Payments: international paymentsIf you plan to expand your business globally, Payment Gateway can help you collect payments from around the globe. Expanding business globally can help you increase your business reach and generate more revenue. Payment Gateway provides multi currency support as customers would want to come back if they can make payment in thier own currencies. 
  2. Same Day Settlements:same day payment Small Businesses rely on daily sales to manage their cash flow and plan out things accordingly. As merchant have to wait for the amount to be reflected into thier bank account from the merchant account it becomes difficult for them to manage the cash flow. Same day settlement feature helps you get the money into your bank account on the same day when the customer makes payment. Thus having a payment gateway can help you manage your cash flow and plan out things accordingly.
  3. Payouts: If you are running a business at times it can happen that you might get very much busy with work and forget to release the payments to different account and by the time you realise bank hours are over and all that you can do is wait for the next day to make the payouts. With Payouts feature you can not only send bulk payment to different accounts using various online payment options but also track the payment and download the transaction reports at same time. This can help you manage payments and grow your business.
  4. Update bank account yourself: If you ever wish to change the bank account, there is no need for you to worry about upload the documents again or calling the customer care, you can simply update it by loging into your payment gateway account and updating the bank details and you are good to go.
  5. Customer Service: customer serviceCustomer Service plays a vital role in online payment cycle. It assists your customer if at all they are stuck in between of payment process or have any queries related to payments. Customer service can also help you in customer retaintion.

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With the Integration of Payment Gateway into your website you can automate your payment procedure and increase your business reach which can help you growing your business.

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