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Payment Gateway for Events

Event companies prefer selling their tickets online, while selling tickets online it is not just important to have a trusted payment gateway but also a payment gateway solution is important. 
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Whatsapp Payment Business on Hault

WhatsApp Payments, based on UPI, has been in beta for a year or so. In 2017, through an invite-only model, the company started testing the payment service in India.  The payment service in India, however, is yet to be officially launched.
Smart Billing

Smart Billing

Smart billing lets you create custom subscriptions for your customers and receive recurring payments. Generate personalized invoices to receive your customers ' payments on time.
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Advantages of Mobile POS

A mobile POS system consists of POS applications that can be installed on Windows or iPad devices, allowing the workers to communicate with customers wherever they are in your shop.
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What is PCI DSS Compliance?

PCI DSS is required to secure and protect online transactions from identity theft. According to the PCI Compliance Security Standard Committee, any merchant that wishes to process, store or transfer credit card data is required to comply with PCI.
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Payment Gateway for Freelancers

The freelancer business is growing in India, many youngsters are freelancing either part-time or fulltime. In this business there is no fix income scale, thus collecting payment on time from the client is important. A payment gateway will make it easier to collect payments online.
Payment Gateway Integration