How To Choose The Best Payment Solution For Your Company?

      Back then, when we only used cash to pay, there was no question about it. There are now so many payment solutions that it is difficult to determine which payment method to choose. Do I take an ATM, and does it have to be mobile? Do I accept credit cards or not? Do I want to offer contactless payment?

Those are good questions, but there are two important questions to ask yourself first:

Which payment method do my customers want to use?

Which payment solution suits my company best?

Which Payment Method Do My Customers Want To Use?

Today, customers find it increasingly important to be able to pay the way they want. In addition, the elderly often prefer to stick with the old, and young consumers opt for the new. For older customers, you probably don’t need to come up with innovations. If your target group consists of younger
customers, it can help to show that you are moving with the times and therefore also offer contactless payment.

Which Payment Solution Suits My Company Best?

Which payment method best suits your company is also important. There are now stores that no longer accept cash payments at all. They have no cash in-house that needs to be counted and managed. They have thought carefully about what they want. And robbers might as well stay at home because
there is nothing for them to get anyway.

If You Withhold Reservations Or Deposit

If you ask customers for a deposit, for example, if you rent bicycles, holiday homes, or cars, it is easy to accept credit cards. Your customer does not have to bring cash as a deposit or does not have to pay the deposit by card. With the credit card, the deposit is easily reserved and only booked when the customer wants to pay.

Hotels can secure reservations by asking for a credit card payment, so you run less risk if the customer cancels at the last minute. You will not be left with empty rooms and empty hands.

If You Sell Online

Clothing stores, shoe stores, travel agencies, and hotels, but also Ebook sellers and event organizers: everything is online these days. These companies can no longer do without the option of accepting electronic payments. Research shows that online payment has become the standard, especially
in industries such as travel. Clothing stores and other branches will follow

Pay At The Counter Or The Table?

If you want customers to only be able to pay at the counter, a fixed terminal will suffice. You can’t lose these and they always stay charged. It is also possible that you have a restaurant where you want to help the customers at the table. Then take a mobile terminal, or make sure you can accept M-Pos payments (such as a mobile payment terminal, but with a regular tablet or smartphone). Your employees can then help customers everywhere in your restaurant or store and pay quickly.

Accept Online And Offline Payments

Do you want to be able to process payments in both your store and your webshop? You must also integrate a payment gateway onto your website so that you can accept payments from your website in addition to payment terminals. It is easy to arrange this through one supplier of payment solutions.

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