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Accept Online Payment without Website.

Digital India initiative aims to bring digital empowerment to India. This transition can make India a knowledgeable economy. With the Digital India initiative, Small and Medium Enterprises have seen a higher growth rate over the last decade.

India currently has 48 million SME’s, yet there are a handful of small businesses having a website for their business despite the growth in technology. No matter how small your business is, having a website is very beneficial when it comes to modern-day marketing and exposure.

The need for Website & the cost

For Small and Medium enterprises, mentioning their service or products online on their website to reach more customers is more important than a payment gateway solution.

  1. Professionalism: Having a website creates a healthy impression on people and helps you to establish your brand as a professional service. Without a website, people will not be able to recognize your products or services because they cannot be found online.
  2. Increase Customer Reach:The number of people shopping online has grown over the years. From electronic devices to food and services, people prefer buying everything online because of the convenience and ease. As the website can be accessed from anywhere and anytime, make your business available 24/7. Since more customers are available online, your business reach will increase allowing your business to grow globally.
  3. Cost-Effective: Your website remains active throughout the time which means your website is marketing your products and services when you cannot directly.

On the other hand, for micro to small businesses managing and maintaining a website can burn holes in the pocket. Also, their business plan and financial budget will be affected before they start to run the business.

Also, with a website, there is a need for payment gateway integration into your website to start accepting payments from your customers online. 

We at Digital Payment Guru understand the problem and come up with the payment gateway solution at the best rates. We aim to help micro-businesses to grow by having a website.

How Digital Payment Guru can help?

top payment gateways

We have a wide range of Payment Gateways using which you can start accepting online payments without the need of having a website. Below mentioned are some of the products provided by our payment gateway:

  1. Web Store: You can create products like the subscription model, event tickets, electronic products, and more with an integrated payment gateway eliminating the need to create and maintain your website. You can share your website link with your customers or on social media.
  2. Payment Links: Payment links are smart online payment solutions for businesses having no website. You can create a payment link easily and share the link through multiple platforms like social media, messages or emails, and more. There are two types of payment links:
  • Pay: It allows the customer to enter the amount and personal details to make the payment. The customer can make payment with multiple payment modes and the amount will be credited into their account instantly.
  • Pay: It allows you to create a payment link with a fixed amount and share it with the customer on different platforms like social media, chat, emails, and more. Customers can make payments with multiple payment modes and the amount will be credited to their account instantly.
  1. Bulk Payment Link:  This is the payment link that can be shared across the customer base wherein you have to select the customer base and the link will be shared with all the customers present in the customer base at once. It avoids the hassle of sending the payment link to individual customers. Once the link is shared the customers will be directed to the payment gateway page to complete the payment and the amount will be credited into their account instantly.

Digital Payment Guru eliminates the need of having a website and provides a cost-effective online payment solution for MSMEs intending to help them grow.


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