Advantages of Mobile POS

A mobile POS system consists of POS applications that can be installed on Windows or iPad devices, allowing workers to communicate with customers wherever they are in your shop.

In a recent survey, 52.8 percent of shoppers said they’re searching for tablet-carrying retail staff; meaning they want the best technology for their squad.

So, what market advantages can these mobile point selling systems bring to your company?

Minimise walkouts and showrooming

As soon as your customer walks into your store, they are looking to confirm that the product meeting their requirement is readily available in stock, know the cost of the product, and answer some relevant questions to help them decide whether they want to purchase.

Shoppers frequently feel reluctant to reach the counter to ask a question. Most will simply go out (often engaging in showrooming) if you don’t quickly present to them this key decision-making information as they browse your store.

You can intercept the process with a Mobile POS solution and proactively engage the customer, armed with all the information in your POS system to make the sale easier.

The integrated mobile point-of-sale program empowers the employees to quickly find specific items and to provide real-time inventory availability, pricing, and a host of other product information. It will use Google-like fuzzy matching so that workers are assured that their searches will return specific products or provide the closest match to offer a selection of alternatives, increasing the likelihood of winning the deal.

When providing a great shopping experience, the ability to quickly pull up product information and pricing specifics when engaging with the consumer is crucial.

It also allows the employees to close the sale with enticing deals that will not weaken the bottom line.

Where there is no inventory of appropriate items in store, the workers can see what is available in other locations in real-time and arrange automatic stock transfers for home delivery and pick-up from other outlets.

You can even integrate in-store display browsing with all the stock in your store network so that the customer can search and make quick purchases.

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Cross-sell and Upsell to maximize the basket size:

An innovative Mobile Point Sale platform allows the employees to engage consumers in the shop they are interested in, and then quickly identify and offer them a selection of up-selling and cross-selling items to increase basket size. Staff can easily identify what items to choose for up-sell / cross-sell that are specific to each situation/customer. This takes into account the old stock, the items labeled, and the inventory available at other locations or outlets.

Drive named sales and reward loyal customers

Capturing customer information is easy and reliable to see your phone screen and correct any possible errors on your mobile POS display.

You can encourage the customer to provide these details using built-in loyalty programs. Your staff can then pull up demographic information for occasional shopping / cross-selling on their mobile POS such as age and gender when they visit. For example, they could cross-sell for men and children when they know that a customer has a husband and children. If the customer has a buying history, the sales team can take advantage of previous purchases to suggest items related to past sales.

Selling via pop-up stores

A mobile POS device is your ideal solution when you sell at trade shows, car park sales, markets, or pop-up shops. With the Mobile POS app, stock levels between all your stores, including your eCommerce website, are changed in real-time, giving you a clear idea of what to sell at any time.

Lower shrinkage in-store

Because your sales team has more time to engage in-store buyers, shoplifting, operational mistakes, and retailer fraud may decrease common shrinkage. With less time behind the counter, staff may concentrate on other sales tactics to boost profits.