Payment Links Made Simple – Even Your Kids Can Do It!

The adoption of digitization in India has created a need for effortless and accessible means of digital payment to benefit businesses of all sizes in a cashless economy. Using digitization to transform business operations reduces or even eliminates processes that do not require human intervention. Also using digital payment reduces the efforts of standing in a queue to make a payment to the client.  Small businesses like home-based businesses that deal in cash and do not have any website or online store can manage payment methods with as much ease as their online counter partners. So the question arises how this can be done? The answer to this is to address all these traditional methods, the straightforward way to do this without investing in payment infrastructure is with Digital Payment Links.

What are the Payment Links?

Payment links are web links that are securely generated and by clicking on which customers can make an online payment. Payment links provide ease and flexibility of payment for sellers as well as customers. A seller can receive payment in three simple steps:

payment gateway integration

Create Link: Payment links can be created individually or uploaded in bulk via API or Dashboard. Details like amount, receipt number, and link expiry can be managed with flexible solutions.

Share Link: After creation, the payment link can be shared through SMS, Email, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and more.

Get Paid: Digital Payment Guru’s payment gateway services provide the built-in checkout method with support for multiple payment methods Credit/Debit cards, Net Banking, UPI, and more, thus reducing the payment barrier and increasing business reach.

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Benefits of Payment Links:

  • Less chance of fraud and robbery as no cash is held on premises and for every transaction customer receives a receipt and email, and all possible information on the transaction. Also, the payment goes directly into the bank account so there is a low risk of robbery.
  • Relief from cash handling fees from the bank and the trips to banks to pay it. The transaction can be done from the mobile phone thus reducing the efforts of standing in a queue and no physical activity is done in the transfer process thus eliminating handling fees.
  • More marketing opportunities by collecting customer data for future use.
  • Average spending tends to increase. As we have access to the entire amount in the account, spending increases as one can spend until the account goes nil unlike traditional cash, one can spend only the cash he/she is carrying.

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Drawbacks of payment link:

  • Potential customers that would like to pay with cash may be excluded. As some people in India still feel cash payment is safe than online payment.
  • Processing fees are likely to increase if the cash is withdrawn altogether. Payment providers charge service fees so if the amount is huge the charge will be more.
  • Privacy for the customer is less. Many times credentials can be leaked while typing as someone can peek into the phone.
  • Technical Problems can cause online payment methods to go down.


Digital Payment Guru provides a customized dashboard for managing links, checking payment status, and getting real-time data insights to manage the business better. Payment links are very well suitable for all businesses whether online or offline. Payment link effortlessly links into business ecosystems and supports the host of used cases like:

Small Business: For small and traditional businesses which do not have a website or an application payment link is the best way to start accepting payment links online.

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Alternate Payment use case: Payment links can be used in cases such as cash on delivery or partial payment.

Chatbot integration: The implementation of chatbots is increasing for better customer experience and to provide all the technical support to the customer. Thus chatbot implementation can resolve many issues that customers are having with online payment.

Social Media Business: Running a business on WhatsApp? An easy solution to initiate payment online is by using payment links. Payment links can be shared easily on all the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and many more, using which customers can make a quick payment.

When it comes to the online payment ecosystem, payment gateway integration plays a pivotal role, and choosing the wrong gateway for accepting payment from the customer can lower the entire payment process. Thus payment gateway should be picked that suits your business.

Digital Payment Guru is a team of payment gateway experts having years of experience with several banking institutions. We target to bring all MSMEs online by implementing the best digital payment gateway integration system and providing world-class experiences that are easier, quick, secure & affordable, thus generating innovative opportunities & sustainable living. We assume every business design deserves to be on the Internet to flourish.

Technology Trends Impacting Small Business Payments

The rise of affordable and innovative small business payment solutions has surfaced the playing field between small companies and large corporations.

Instead of having to spend lots of money on solutions that are regularly needing to be upgraded, payment innovation has given enterprises of all sizes access to the latest technology and the same processing charges as the biggest players in the marketplace.

With that being said, many small business owners are convinced to use old payment systems and outdated technology. If you aspire to break out of the status quo and embrace the future of tech.

Here are five payment trends you might want to consider:

Mobile POS

Mobile, mobile…mobile. We’re stressing this one because this trend is here to stick — in considerable part due to its ever-evolving possibilities. From mobile payment apps and integrated mobile payments to mobile POS terminals, small firms can get quite a bit of bang for their buck by implementing a mobile payments strategy.

To begin, mobile credit card processing is a way for small businesses to worry less about where they’re physically conducting business, and concentrate entirely on what type of payment experience they’re providing their customers. This includes features like the capability to text/email receipts and the opportunity to integrate better, faster, and more secure payments.

Beyond the convenience perks, mobile POS solutions provide enhanced safety measures to fully protect your business and your customer’s data. Eventually, mobile payments give you that extra peace of mind.

Digital Payments

Speaking of mobile, the next trend prolongs to the other side of the payment innovation equation: Digital payments. Customers today are catching onto the latest payment trends, and many have started ditching the need to pull out a credit card for every purchase. Digital payment methods have enabled quicker, more secure payment processing that streamlines the online shopping journey.

Various big businesses caught onto digital payments years ago. Small businesses need to follow suit if they want to find a competitive and stay ahead of what customers are expecting now. From in-app payments, one-click payment buttons, and P2P payments, small businesses have a number of opportunities to take benefit of in order to better tailor their payment options for their customers.

As credit card crimes continue to dominate news headlines, consumers are looking toward businesses that rely on better payment technology. Obtaining this can be done using digital payment terminals that offer end-to-end encryption and tokenization. Digital payment methods extend the same security benefits, while also granting cardless ways to pay for products and services. For consumers who don’t want to grab that credit card each time they make a purchase, integrating digital payment methods is a surefire way to fill that gap.

best payment gateway integration


Fortunately, with easier and more efficient integration options now in the market, SMBs can – and should – take full advantage of the power of APIs. Today, there are solutions that make receiving in-app and online payments easier than ever before.

Toolkits, drop-in code, and readily available tech support — like that provided by Digital Payment Guru — is the type of technology that small businesses should be harnessing today. Payment processing services shouldn’t be confined to what offerings your financial institution can provide to your business.

The API trend and recent innovation have encouraged small businesses to integrate more dynamic payment processing features across all of their channels. This technology transformation has also helped businesses connect their in-store and online software so that each system is in sync with the other.


Another key trend that companies should take advantage of is the ability to automate services — including payments. From recurring billing to subscription services, small companies can find tons of undiscovered value by leveraging automation to streamline payment processing.

Automation can also help businesses rightly connect with their customers. Having the ability to constantly communicate with your customer base is one of the best ways a small business can stay top of mind. Consumers aren’t always going to remember to come back to your physical or online storefronts — you’ll need to nudge them with reminders. Frequent communication can be automated to help you reach customers without investing heavily in mass advertising platforms.

On the payment processing side, manufacturers that already leverage recurring billing services have learned the power of automated payments. Not only does this help keep consistent revenue flowing into your business, but it can also help keep your best customers loyal to your brand. Consumers are eager to regularly engage with their favorite brands, products, and services, but often forget to do so. Solve that by taking the hassle out of the process and offering your consumers a way to become a subscriber. They remain connected to your brand, and you constantly get paid. That’s a payment tech trend that’s absolutely here to stay.

A few essential tips for choosing an online payment will help you avoid the trend affecting your business.

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