Payment Gateway for Freelancers

The freelancer business is growing in India, many youngsters are freelancing either part-time or fulltime. In this business there is no fix income scale, thus collecting payment on time from the client is important. A payment gateway will make it easier to collect payments online.

How to choose the best Payment Gateway for Freelancing?

Freelancers in India have the main aim in their mind and that is to get paid on time. A survey conducted by PayPal states that out of every 500 freelancers at least 1 freelancer doesn’t get paid on time.

Some freelancers have also highlighted that they have received payment 2-4 days after invoicing. Expert freelancers have taken measures to tackle this problem by providing offers on early payments and charging fine for late payment.

Following are some problems that are faced by freelancers:

  • Negotiating project prices
  • Payment Collection and payment modes
  • Invoicing

Here’s what you should consider before choosing a payment gateway for Freelancing:

  1. Transaction Fees: Check the per transaction charges for all the payment gateways, compare & analyze and make sure it doesn’t have long term implications.
  2. Security: To know how secure your payment gateway is, read the reviews online on quora or reviewing sites.
  3. Transaction Speed: Check for the total transaction time a payment gateway takes to process the payment. Ideally, it is for 3 days.
  4. International Transaction: If you choosing a payment gateway for freelancing, make sure the payment gateway supports international transactions as you can increase the scope of your business by later on expanding it globally.
  5. Payment Modes: Payment Gateway provides multiple payment options using which your client can send you payment with the desired payment method, thus providing convenient payment.
  6. Transfer Limit: Your client is the one who pays the payment processing fees and not you. So, check the payment gateway with affordable charges as the client will look for the payment mode with fewer charges.

How Digital Payment Guru can help Freelancers?

Digital Payment Guru provides payment gateway integration service of the top payment gateways like PayPal, PayU, Instamojo, Atom and Paytm. If you are confused which payment gateway to choose from, Digital Payment Guru helps you choose the best payment gateway by analyzing your business requirement.

By switching to Digital Payment Guru, you unload your task of choosing the best payment gateway to us.

How we can help?

Following are some of the features that can help you collect online payment:

  • Payment links: The most simple way to accept payments online is by creating a payment link. There is no rocket science in creating a payment link. You just have to click on create payment link in your payment gateway dashboard and set the amount for payment link, now you can share this payment link on multiple platforms like social media, mail, and messages and more.

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  • Request bulk payments: Using the payment gateway dashboard you can send multiple payment requests to your client in one click and your client will receive a payment link by clicking on which they can make payment with multiple payment modes.
  • Faster Payout: As mentioned earlier, online payment requires a certain time to reflect on your bank account. Using Instant payouts you will receive payment from a client on time as well as the amount will be reflected in your bank account the same day.
  • Invoice Generator: Get the invoice for all the payments you receive from your clients. This can help you track and manage your payments in the future.

Payment Gateway for freelancers facilitated a clear communication between you and your client, Digital Payment Guru just acts as Payment Gateway provider who integrates a payment gateway into your system (website) and rest is on you, you have to use the dashboard to handle your payments. A payment gateway automates your payment collection process so that you can focus more on your business.