5 Trending Low Investment Businesses.


Starting an online business is very much easier compared to putting up an office, hiring people, and starting a business which also consumes a lot of investment. The investment is the primary factor of this blog, we are going to discuss how you can invest less and start earning more without much of a hassle. 

When you think of starting a business online, the word online itself expands the idea as to which online business you should start up. Whichever business you start online the scope of business increases automatically with the word online. If you think of starting an online business and feel ambiguous, sit relaxed this blog is for you.

We are listing these 5 top trending online businesses you can start now with low investment. 

  1. Online Digital Courses: If you are good in a particular field and want to teach others, make tutorial videos, e-books, training books, webinars, and more on your website. There are various tools online using which you can make your e-book videos. Once you are done with creating the videos or e-books start selling them online. You will need a payment gateway integrated into your website to start accepting payments. The course you are selling can be in part or one-time payment depending on the length of your content. You can also sell your e-book or content on other e-commerce sites for more reach and popularity.
  2. Online Marketing Service: Marketing doesn’t require a huge knowledge of tools, market knowledge is what you need to start online marketing services. This is the most trending online business in 2019 as all the businesses out there require online marketing of their products because of the increase in competition. Marketing service is the business that will never go down as companies cannot succeed without marketing their products or services so they won’t run out of clients. To start this business you can own a static website that google provides for free wherein you can list down all your marketing services with rates. Or you can get a dynamic website built from Ouriken-at an affordable price and start accepting payments online with a payment gateway solution for your business.
  3. Content Writing: If you have an interest in writing this is the business you can start easily with very low investment. Companies mostly hire content writers to have quality content for their websites to get a higher SEO. Your client can also be students who start a new business and require content for their website. To expand your business you can create an account on freelancing sites or blogging sites. If you see an increase in demand add more members to your team and offer more services like copywriting, proofreading, blogging, magazine writing, and more.
  4. Click and Sell Photos: If you are passionate about photography, this passion can get you money by selling your photos online. Many people are willing to pay for good and unique photos that are of their use. You can also upload your photos on Shutterstock which is a trusted photo-selling site. You can also upload your photos on your website.
  5. Travel Agent: There are many travel agents out there selling travel packages at the best rates, you can start a business as a travel consultant displaying the agents with the best rates to the people so that they do not have to hop from one site to another. The business idea is that get all the information under one roof and show the best offer to the people or you can start your travel service.

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In the world of online business, there are many low-investment business opportunities. All these ideas will never scratch your pocket but can only be a secondary source of income. With all the marketing in the place payment gateway is something you will need as you are running an online business. Having a payment gateway will help you retain more customers. 

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