Payment Gateway For Events


Do you have an upcoming event? A platform for booking tickets online is something you are going to need. These days, event companies prefer selling their tickets online, while selling tickets online it is not just important to have a trusted payment gateway but also a payment gateway solution is important. 

Finding a payment gateway solution is a tricky part but we make it simple for you.

How to Choose a Payment Gateway for Events?

You need event management software and an online payment solution to sell your event tickets online. Before choosing a payment, gateway there are some things that you should consider,

  1. Have a website for your event so that the payment gateway can be integrated into your website.
  2. The payment gateway you choose should be trustworthy, it doesn’t matter if it is popular.

Merchant Account: A merchant account is where your payment goes, before being transferred into your bank account. Some payment gateways require you to have your merchant account. 

Transaction Fees:

Check for the per transaction cost of the payment gateway. The transaction cost mostly ranges between 2.5%-4% per transaction. 

Safety and Security:

Make sure your payment gateway is PCI-DSS compliant and provides a secure encrypted environment for transactions. Look for fraud detection and prevention mechanism, the payment gateway mostly has it as a built-in feature.

Processing Time:

You would want to collect the payment for tickets about a week before the event, Check the transaction time your payment gateway takes, usually it is 3 days.

International Transaction Support:

Choose the payment gateway that supports international transactions, if you have an event in India, there will be people traveling from other countries for the event. Having international transaction support will gain you international customers.

Payment Method:

Look for a payment gateway that provides multiple payment options. All customers will not choose to pay with a debit/credit card others might want to pay using UPI. Having a single payment method might lose you a customer.

Transfer Limit:

Every payment gateway has different transaction limits and transaction fees as well. Your customers making the payment are the ones who will be paying the transaction fees and not the receiver. The more affordable payment method will increase your chances of getting paid.

How Digital Payment Guru can help with the Event?

Digital Payment Guru provides top payment gateways at the best market rates. We provide payment gateway integration services of the best payment gateways like PayU, PayPal, Instamojo, Atom, and Paytm.

Benefits of Digital Payment Guru:

  • Payment Gateway Integration: Provide payment gateway integration into your existing system thus avoiding the hassle of integrating the payment gateway on your own or hiring a developer.
  • Best rates: The transaction rates of payment gateway range from 2.5-4% per transaction but we provide payment gateway at the best transaction rates compared to market rates.
  • Website audit: If you have an existing website and want the payment gateway integrated into it, we provide a full website audit with a payment gateway integration service.
  • Consultation: If you are confused about which payment gateway to choose from, we provide consultation by analyzing your business needs and suggesting the best payment gateway for your business with the payment gateway integration service.

Still, wondering which payment gateway to choose for your event?

Contact Us to receive full consultation in choosing the right payment gateway.

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