Smart Billing

Smart Billing

Smart billing lets you create custom subscriptions for your customers and receive recurring payments. Generate personalized invoices to receive your customer’s payments on time.

We provide an easy-to-use, fast & automated platform for SMEs that charge their customers with rentals to create subscriptions & charge customers based on the billing frequency & billing cycle you create.


Subscriptions are essentially automatic transactions where a customer authorizes a service provider/dealer to auto-debit fixed amounts at regular intervals as determined by the contract. Digital payment Guru provides merchants with an automated, trouble-free platform where they can create recurring payment schedules for their customers, monitor the billing cycles and receive instant alerts about subscription activities. The only thing traders need to do is connect their respective plans to their customers and track their subscription activities.

Our recurring model lets you build subscription forms like Fixed billing & Metered billing.

Fixed Billing:

You can charge your customers for the items, products/services fixed in this billing type. You can set the billing frequency and period per the plan allocated to your customer.

Let’s say you create a one-year plan subscription for your customer. Therefore, for the items/services you provide to your customer, you can set the billing rate to receive payments from your customer. This frequency can be daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly, as you choose. The next thing that has set the rate is to set the duration of the billing cycle. This will determine the number of times the customer pays for your service.

For example, you want to create a broadband subscription for 1 year and want to collect the money every month. You will have to set the billing frequency to ‘monthly’ and the billing cycle to ’12 months’. Now, your customer will pay you every month for 1 year.

Metered Billing:

In metered billing, according to the use of the products/services you have provided, you charge your customer. The specification of the billing cycle & the billing rate for the billing meter is identical to the fixed billing as mentioned above.

The only difference here is that at the end of the billing cycle, you charge the customer according to the use of your customer’s items/services. So you set the customer on the last date of his billing frequency, i.e. on the last day of the month, if there is a metered billing subscription for 12 times per month. You can easily add products and update your plan according to the use of the customer and pay it accordingly.

Manage Subscription from Dashboard:

You have a dashboard that allows you to easily manage and track all the subscriptions you have made. Based on your operation, your subscriptions will have a certain status. If you’ve just created a subscription and have not delegated it to any client, the subscription will have the’ draft status.’ Likewise, subscriptions will be given, charged, unpaid, expired, stopped, or canceled.

You can handle all of these subscriptions from a single dashboard. With a few clicks, you can even send payment notifications to clients.

Quick Invoices:

Create online invoices and send invoices to your customers quickly via email & SMS and just wait for payments in your bank account. Share the customer invoice payment links and allow them to pay online. It would be easy to prepare an invoice as your customers & products are already made. To start with, you must create an invoice number that will be unique to that specific invoice. In addition, simply select the customer to whom you wish to send an invoice. Pick the billing & shipping address of the customer that you entered (when creating database customers).

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Provide Multiple Payment Options for your Customers:

There are often cases where consumers prefer to make partial payments to you. Keeping this in mind, we will allow you to create splits on your invoice’s total amount payable. For example, if your invoice’s total payable sum is Rs.1600, you can build splits of let’s say Rs. 400 each. In this way, your customer can pay the sum of Rs.1600 in 4 splits (each of Rs.400) which will enable your customers to increase their flexibility in payment and retention of customers.

Invoice Management:

From the dashboard, you can easily access every single invoice you build or issue, or just draft & save. You can access and edit the invoices that you created and did not issue to any customer.

Smart Billing advantages for retailers Receive transactions promptly Well-predicted cash flow, Strong retention of customers, Receive fast and safe payments with acknowledgment, and Real-time payment alerts.

Digital Payment Guru provides smart billing that simplifies the accounting system efficiently, with ease of operation promptly and removes the manual audit of transactions to a greater extent.

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