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Payment Gateway For Travel Business.


If you own a travel business, you should give your customers a good shopping experience, no matter what business model you are following. With Digital Payment Guru as your online payment solution provider, you will be able to provide your travelers with an uninterrupted shopping experience and carry your company to an unbeatable level.

People have found out different ways to relieve stress and traveling is one of them. This sector is growing at an unbelievable rate. A report from the World Travel and Tourism Council states that India ranked 3rd among 185 countries in tours and travel total GDP contribution in 2018.

People prefer online payment while booking a hotel or a tour package. The study says that 95% of the website traffic drops off without completing a transaction.

Are you using the right online payment solution provider for a flawless overall experience?

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Why Digital Payment Guru is the best payment gateway solution provider for Travel businesses?

Wide Range of Payment Gateways to Choose from: 

We provide payment gateway integration service of a wide range of Payment gateways, 100+ payment options, PCI-DSS compliant payment gateways, seamless checkout, Online Store, and uninterrupted payments. To know more click here.

Payment Button for your Website:

Add a payment button to your website by clicking on which your customers can make a quick payment. Adding a payment button is not a big task, a two-line code needs to be added to your website. The button can be customized according to your website theme to complement the overall look and feel of your website.

Request Payment with Payment Links:

Create a payment link in the payment gateway dashboard. This payment link can be shared on WhatsApp, emails, text messages, and any social media platform and get paid instantly.

Accept International Payment:

Take your business from Local to Global with Digital Payment Guru’s international payment support, accepting payments in more than 100+ currencies. 

100+ Payment Options:

Provide your customers with more than 100 payment options so that they can make payments with the desired payment mode. This can help you in customer retention.

Same Page Checkout: 

If the customer is redirected to another page other than the website, chances are the customer will cancel the transaction on the second thought that it’s a scam. We provide the same page checkouts to provide ease of payment for your customers and increase the chances of conversion.

Responsive Checkout: 

The checkout page will be responsive for your customer’s convenience so that they can make the payment from mobile, tablet, or desktop.

Secure Transactions:

Our payment gateways are PCI-DSS compliant which is a security layer that encrypts the cardholder’s credentials to avoid cyber fraud. Also Read: Is your data secure with Payment Gateway?

Analyze your Business Performance:

You can track and manage all your transactions, send payment reminders, and more from a single dashboard. You can also monitor your business performance based on cash flow.

Digital Payment Guru believes that uninterrupted payments are important but secure transaction is more important for providing a better payment experience. We provide a wide range of top payment gateways that suit your business requirements. To explore our services click here.